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Today’s Mental Health Break: 2012’s Greatest Table Tennis Shots (video)

Determination. A disabled Veteran inspires (Amazing Video)

Submitted by:  Karen Caldwell-Littleton, Manager, Truman College Wellness Center A injured former paratrooper weighing almost 300 pounds needs two canes to walk. He finds a yoga teacher to help him. His perseverance inspires… Continue reading

A Simple Reminder for Self Care and Celebrating Life

by LaQuinta Shelvin, Counseling Intern, Daley College Here are simple things YOU can do for self care and to celebrate your life and those around you: Rest up- Sleep allows us to be… Continue reading

Loving Exercise

Submitted by Samantha McGlumphy, Wright College Counseling Intern Learn to love exercise by becoming an “intrinsic exerciser.” Discover ways to stay motivated and committed by creating meaning in your exercise routine. center. Give us a click!

Get your ohmmmmmm on. Yoga Chicago Magazine’s Directory of Yoga Classes

Did you know most yoga studios offer at least one free class per week? Check out Yoga Chicago Magazine’s listings and look for the “Community Class.”  Also, most award free classes in exchange… Continue reading